Tuesday, November 8, 2011

SfN Survival Guide 2011

This is my second year attending SfN.  Last year, I managed to pull off a pretty successful run.  However, SfN is such a vast meeting that the experience you have there is redefined every year you go, depending on where you are in your career.

This year, I am a first year grad student and will be scoping out roughly 3x the content (catering to rotations) as when I was a research assistant last year.  This means that burn-out is 3x as likely, but I have planned my schedule with two things in mind:

1)  I will not get to everything that I have put on my itinerary.
2)  The goal is to get an introduction to the most exciting recent activity in the 3 areas encompassing my rotation projects, and not to get bogged down by exciting developments in these entire fields.  I have some people to meet, some "old" acquaintances to schmooze, and some free mugs to acquire.  Should be baller.

I was going to write a First Year Graduate Student's Survival Guide to SfN, but found that Dr Becca has beaten me to it: SfN Survival 101.  Check out her stellar overview of things to keep in mind while planning your SfN experience.  Seriously, she hits everything.

As for yours truly, although I am not an official Neuroblogger this year, I will be reporting regularly.  And I will be seeing some of y'all at BANTER...

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