Saturday, November 19, 2011

SfN Wednesday 2011: Second Wind

By the end of the conference, my eating schedule has not adapted to being on the east coast, but my body has.  Exhaustion kicks in like a toddler, and come Wednesday morning I feel like slithering through the grasping arms of Science and collapsing to the floor.  Of course, my poster is this morning.

In contrast to the anticipated slow puttering of folk on the final day of the meeting, area L10 boasted anywhere between 3-10 participants for the entire 4-hr block.  <thrillz>  In addition, several of teh femus peepl made appearances.  One hung out in the back of the crowd and chimed in when I referenced his work's influence on ours.  Another offered excellent discussion and announced that he had begun using the model that we developed last year (also employed in this year's work) <chillz>.  A third made offer of collaboration and (either partly or entirely in jest) a post doc position for five years from now when I potentially actually have a doctorate.  And a renowned woman for whom there is a special place in my heart offered suggestions for follow-up studies, collaboration, and an awkward scientist hug as she left. <second wind>

Also notably, there is good Phở in DC.  Following the rush of the poster session, Boss Man treated me to my second dose of Phở for the week, and it was grand.  The Super Shuttle that was then scheduled to escort me to my next 11 hours of travel failed to appear, and the taxi that rescued me from certain doom naturally forgot to tell me that his apparatus was broken and that he couldn't take my card, and naturally didn't have any change to break the $20 of which he only should have taken $14, and naturally had no means by which to provide me with a receipt for reimbursement.  This was not the first such incident during my week in DC.  <billz>

See you next year in New Orleans!

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